Seeing the Mayan Ruins

Stretching throughout Central America, the Mayan civilization was an important ancient civilization that has influenced the world as we know it today. The Mayan people have been respected for their vast knowledge in various fields such as astronomy, mathematics, art, language, and architecture. That is, since their rediscovery. They lived so long ago that even the Incas and Aztecs didn’t know they existed. With the rediscovery of their stone cities, people flock to visit its ruins to unravel the civilization’s mystery.

mayan civilization
Mayan Civilization Pyramid

If you want to visit the Mayan Ruins, we have a few suggestions for a smoother, more enjoyable experience of your trip! Besides this blog, if you would like some other travel suggestions, check out

Look for a Place to Stay

For an easier visit, it’s better to stay in accommodations that are closer to the ruins. Several resorts in the area between Tulum and Playa del Carmen provide package tours to people who visit the ruins. Tulum is a well-known hotspot because of its numerous hotel accommodations, rental choices and resorts for visitors.

Choose How to Go About the Ruins

One can either drive or take a tour bus to get to the ruins. Each of the options has pros and cons so you can choose whichever would appeal more to you. Taking the tour bus is convenient. However, because they have a schedule to keep up with, you will have a shorter time to visit each ruins. On the other hand, driving lets you spend more time at the ruins but entails driving in an unfamiliar place.

If you select to drive yourself to the ruins, you can spend for a car rental. You’d be happy to know that rental agencies in Mexico accept driving licenses from any country. When renting for a car, check the rental company’s policies and information about their refunds and insurances. In addition, inquire about the credit card you will use for your travel as some international credit cards come with free rental car insurance. If it does, you are fortunate!

The next thing in mind is to get detailed directions to the ruins. The GPS on your mobile phone with downloaded Mexican maps will help you get to the ruins. Meanwhile, asking the locals for directions will also be helpful.

You can also surf the web or ask the hotel where you’re staying for detailed instructions to the Mayan ruins.

Choose Your Attire

Wearing comfortable clothes is key to enjoy your visit to the Mayan sites. You’ll be walking a lot as you explore so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Keep off the sun by using a hat and sunscreen. They will also prevent you from getting a sunburn. Additionally, bring a few water bottles with you to stay hydrated.

The Mayan Ruins

Here are some of the Mayan sites to look forward to!

Tulum Mayan Ruins

The ancient walled city of Tulum, is considered to be the loveliest Mayan site in Cancun. Though small, it is beautifully situated atop a 15-m high cliff overlooking at the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Tulum is favored for its beautiful Caribbean beaches.

tulum ruins
One of the sites in Tulum

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of Mexico’s most visited sites. It is also one of the Mayan’s largest cities. Here you can find the temple of Kulkulan or El Castillo as it is known, a 98-foot pyramid with nine square terraces. Tourists gather around the pyramid at sunset to witness the snake-like resemblance of the shadows on the steps due to the setting sun.

Ek Balam Ruins

Built in the Mayan Classic Period, the large city of Ek Balam has various temples and buildings including a majestic central pyramid and two huge palaces. Its architecture goes way back to the Late Classic period.

ekbalam ruins
Ek’Balam Ruins

As beautiful as the ruins are, you should be glad you live now and not then. Life was not easy unless you were king or one of the lords. Hmmm. Maybe not that much has changed after all.